APP3 Realisations

Below you can find some of our realisations!

We are partnering together with Memoires which is time capsules with bucket-list app to send to your future self, family and/or friends! This is an application we are developing and maintaining for both Android and iOS. We developed everything, the website, the backend and the apps (which are Hybrid).
Medicenter is the website of a group practice of an eye doctor, a neurologist and a medical pedicure around Brussels. I designed and built their landing website, WordPress is used for the underlying CMS. The website is just a landing page to redirect visitors to the correct website of the doctor/practicer they need.
Tricount is both a website and mobile app with strong focus on the mobile apps (Android and iOS) for managing group expenses. APP3 helps them to grow bigger and to bring some more maturity into their processes by developing both iOS and Android and their Java Backend as well as helping them to managing their IT team and infrastructure.
We partnered together with TiquibNL to integrate and automate some financial flows regarding incoming and outgoing transfers so they get automatically registered and booked on the correct general ledger account in ExactOnline. The is written in Python and runs in our in-house cloud environment.
At SnowWorld I was part of a team to fully redesign and integrate the venue informatics. We created new POS systems, KIOSK walls, an entirely new backoffice and a fully redesigned ticketing system. Most of the time I was leading the tech tile in the right direction while still participating in the development as well.
Eye-Center is the website of a local eye doctor near Brussels. I designed and built the website up, WordPress is used for the underlying CMS.
The parenting committee of a local school asked to built a website on which they can inform parents about events etc (blog), some statistic informational pages and with a shop they can use to set up some actions to collect money. I have set this website up in times of the Corona pandemic because of which they could make good use of the shop immediately. The website runs on WordPress and Woocommerce with custom theming.
ZoGeprint! is a popup webshop we created. The aim of this webshop is to sell only a few products that are limited in quantity and time and that are 3D printed. Beside that ZoGeprint! also offers product prototyping using 3D printing technologies. The shop is build on top of WordPress and Woocommerce.
ICN is a real estate and project management company for which we have built an integration with their Exact Online accounting platform to execute some complex synchronisation processes between different accountings in Exact Online.
At Risksolutions we are building and maintaining their platform for managing prospects. In an online platform (browser based) account manager can modify data, in a mobile application that goes together they can see actionable data on the tasks they should perform today.
With Cornelis Houtbedrijf we partnered to setup an Exact Online (accounting) integration with Pipedrive (CRM solution) in which all of the clients and their contacts are being synchronised between the two platforms and in which deals in Pipedrive get automatically created based upon certain parameters in Exact Online.
APP3 Works together with BeMobile on Belgians most used mobility app 4411. APP3 helps in developing new parts of the Android app and in maintaining and refactoring/improving the older code base of the application to become more mature and stable!
Panama is a company founded in 2002, they are specialists in brand activation, sales and promotions. APP3 installed, maintains and develops tailormade features of the Factsys platform including a full integration with the Exact Online accounting software to setup project management and invoice tracking.
Faccts (Fiscaliteit, Accountancy, Tax Services) is an accountancy firm in Halle, Belgium. We partnered together to build their WordPress website with custom contact and appointment forms.
Person Media is a one-man endeavour by Person into creative services, products and solutions for a range of applications. They contacted us to built a DJ focussed application. The content of the application is under NDA.
Zembro Zembro produces mobile alarms (smartwatches) for seniors. APP3 helps Zembro to build the Android and iOS app, the entire backend in Java and reporting and alerting on the backend systems.
Factsys is my own invoicing software tool. It’s developed and optimized for small businesses and consultancy companies to create invoices, credit notes and quotations, send them to your client and/or accountant and to store them on  your Google Drive or Dropbox or download them locally.

Personal Realisations

Heart Rate Monitor Trainfo is one of my babies. IT Delivers realtime train information for the Belgian railways and shows you when you want to leave to catch your train of if the train is late.
Heart Rate Monitor Heart rate montor is another one of my babies. It’s a smartwatch application that measures your heart rate (on compatible Android Wear watches) on a regular base.
Belfius At Beflius I worked about 3 years for building the award winning Belfius Direct Mobile and Beflius Direct Tablet Android apps. We were also the first bank in Europe to release the Belfius Direct Wear (for Android Wear) that I have built.
Smappee Smappee developped one of the first smart energy monitors that detects appliances on your electricity network. I helped designing and developing the very first version of the Android application.
No Logo Available For one of my employers I have built the Android version of a Time Registration Management (TRM) application. The application was only meant for internal use.
At Toyota Motors Europe I wrote parts of an internal app in Java and Swing and took part in developing some reporting modules in Java.
Wit-Gele-Kruis Oost-Vlaanderen For the White-Yellow Cross (Wit-Gele-Kruis) of East Flanders I developed the backend for their first mobile platform for their nurses. The backend is a combination of Java and Adobe LiveCycle.
For Centrale Bank of Belgium I took part in a much bigger project to transform parts of the mainframe to a Java backend system.
For the Walloon province in Belgium we created a management tool for subsidy applications from scratch. My main responsibility was the database design and backend architecture.